No matter what the special occasion is — wedding, birthday, anniversary, baby shower or any other important day — a beautiful cake alongside delicious desserts will help to transform any celebration into an unforgettable event.


The perfect cake has to start from scratch — merging the finest, freshest ingredients from our kitchen. We don't stock boxes in our kitchen, we strongly believe that a cake made from a mix might as well be forged from the cardboard it was packed in. Cakes are, after all, meant to delight both the palette and the eye. This is why we invest as much time sourcing the best ingredients and working on new flavour combinations as we do considering the design and presentation of the finished product.


We are now branching out to additionally serve you some traditional German Bake Fare for your important day. “Kuchen”, “Torten” und other “Köstlichkeiten” are made to order to fit with your celebration. We will be updating the gallery soon, so please check back for visuals. In the meantime there will be postings and updates on our Facebook page.


Please look at photos of our past creations in the Gallery & coverage area and learn about our ingredient combinations by checking out our Process.

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